Huawei nova 9 launch trial

Huawei nova 9 launch trial - Huawei HUAWEI nova 9 listed in Hong Kong . Although it has been under the haze of being sanctioned by the United States, Huawei still has not given up on launching new smart phone products. Today (November 11) it announced that it will launch a new smartphone with good specifications in Hong Kong. And the mid-level 4G model HUAWEI nova 9 designed to gain market share at the end of the year at a relatively low price.

Huawei nova 9 launch trial

HUAWEI nova 9 front and rear curved fuselage, design with high-end taste

Huawei’s nova series has always focused on young and beautiful routes, but the design of nova 9 this time has the feeling of Huawei’s previous Mate series and P series models, especially the front and rear curved glass body it uses to make the appearance of nova 9 more There is a flagship level.

Nova 9 high-end lens shooting test

Although the positioning of nova 9 tends to be mid-level, the 50-megapixel main lens that Huawei configured on nova 9 is not a casual product, but the RYYB high-end lens commonly seen on Mate and P series models in the past two years, and then cooperate with Huawei With its own XD Fusion image processing engine, the shooting output quality of nova 9 is quite high in the same positioning machine.

HUAWEI nova 9 quick test post-evaluation

In the past two years, Huawei has indeed worked very hard to get out of its own market position without Android support. Compared with the flagship models of the Mate and P series, the image of the nova 9 as a mid-range machine this time is more vivid. - It proves that Huawei is still capable of making good-performing models with limited software and hardware. Its price falls at $3,988, which also gives users more motivation to try a new system independent of Android.

However, there are some facts that we still need to emphasize. The processor used in nova 9 is the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. At the same time, it can only use 4G at most for connection support. You can buy a 5G at hand for less than $3000. Today, even with the blessing of beautiful cameras and new system versions, the attractiveness of nova 9 can only be regarded as ordinary.

The first Harmony OS 2 that can be upgraded outside the Chinese market

Since Huawei still has not been authorized by Google to use the Android system, nova 9 will be shipped with Huawei’s "in-house research and development" Harmony OS, which is also the first mobile phone model to be listed on the Hong Kong market with Harmony OS preloaded; on November 15th, Users of the Hong Kong version of nova 9 can even upgrade to the beta version of Harmony OS 2, which is the first mobile phone outside the Chinese market to receive such an arrangement.

After upgrading to Harmony OS 2, Huawei emphasized that nova 9 users can take the lead in trying out a few functions, and it is indeed rare for iOS and Android to do it. 👇👇👇


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