Facebook changes its name to Meta

 Facebook changes its name to Meta - At the end of last month, the social network giant Facebook officially changed its name to Meta in order to reposition itself to prioritize the development of metaverse in the future. Metauniverse has become one of the most talked about future technology and investment concepts in the past year. Facebook founder Mark Zuckberg has also somewhat revealed his vision for Metauniverse in recent months.

Facebook changes its name to Meta

According to Zuckerberg, in the current generation of the Internet, we just look at the screen of a computer or mobile phone, and the metaverse will have a sense of "existence", making people "in the experience", the interaction in the virtual world is more natural and the experience is more profound. Meta showed some imagination on Facebook Connect, such as using a completely virtual avatar to chat with others, play games, have meetings, and socialize; or it is a combination of virtual and real experience after wearing AR glasses. Friends in the distance can be holographic The image will watch concerts and play chess with you, and Zucker Gerber can also have a swordsmanship lesson with this season’s Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer.

As soon as the news of the name change came out, many politicians, scholars and the media were disgusted. In recent years, Facebook has repeatedly been caught in scandals that abuse user privacy, encourage hate speech and disseminate fake news. Critics questioned that Facebook did not actively respond to its existing problems, changing its name to Meta and bragging about a vision for a future virtual universe, but trying to divert attention or downplay the already infamous Facebook brand. On the other hand, how Meta's meta-universe can be realized in detail, and how to achieve the sense of existence that Zuckerberg said is also a big problem.

It's just that Facebook's name change is really to divert attention? Facebook’s negative image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the US government’s antitrust and regulatory actions against these technology giants will not stop because of their name change. Therefore, the real reason (or the most important reason) for Facebook’s entry into the meta-universe may not lie in Therefore, it is intended to explore the next computing platform after mobile phones and seize the opportunity of the next round of Internet revolution.


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