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POCO M4 Pro 5G | Xiaomi 5G Review

 POCO M4 Pro 5G  | Xiaomi 5G - Xiaomi POCO M4 Pro 5G released|Xiaomi has pursued a strategy of machine seas in recent years, and even its sub-brand POCO is very prolific. Its mid-range POCO M series launched POCO M3 Pro 5G in May of this year, but only half a year later, on November 9th, it announced the launch of a new generation of POCO M4 Pro 5G. POCO M4 Pro 5G = International version of Redmi Note 11? If you pay attention to the launch of Xiaomi's press conference, you will probably know that another sub-brand Redmi has, released a new affordable version of the Redmi Note 11 series at the end of last month. And looking at the specifications list of POCO's new M4 Pro 5G this time, it's the same as the most basic model in the Redmi Note 11 series, namely Redmi Note 11. It uses the mid-level processor Dimensity 810 produced by MediaTek, regarded as Redmi. The international market version of Note 11. Some foreign media have taken the lead in obtaining the real machine, but

Huawei nova 9 launch trial

Huawei nova 9 launch trial -  Huawei HUAWEI nova 9 listed in Hong Kong . Although it has been under the haze of being sanctioned by the United States, Huawei still has not given up on launching new smart phone products. Today (November 11) it announced that it will launch a new smartphone with good specifications in Hong Kong. And the mid-level 4G model HUAWEI nova 9 designed to gain market share at the end of the year at a relatively low price. HUAWEI nova 9 front and rear curved fuselage, design with high-end taste Huawei’s nova series has always focused on young and beautiful routes, but the design of nova 9 this time has the feeling of Huawei’s previous Mate series and P series models, especially the front and rear curved glass body it uses to make the appearance of nova 9 more There is a flagship level. Nova 9 high-end lens shooting test Although the positioning of nova 9 tends to be mid-level, the 50-megapixel main lens that Huawei configured on nova 9 is not a casual product, b

Facebook changes its name to Meta

 Facebook changes its name to Meta -  At the end of last month, the social network giant Facebook officially changed its name to Meta to reposition itself to prioritize the development of metaverse in the future. Meta universe has become one of the most talked-about future technology and investment concepts in the past year. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also somewhat revealed his vision for the Meta universe in recent months. According to Zuckerberg, in the current generation of the Internet, we look at the screen of a computer or mobile phone, and the metaverse will have a sense of "existence," making people "in the experience," the interaction in the virtual world is more natural and the experience is more profound.  Meta showed some imagination on Facebook Connect, such as using a completely virtual avatar to chat with others, play games, have meetings, and socialize; or it is a combination of virtual and real experience after wearing AR glasses.  Friends